Barefoot Science™ is derived from proven principles of various disciplines, including neuromuscular physiology, rehabilitative medicine, musculoskeletal mechanical physics and adaptive bone remodeling. Through 20 years of research and using the latest advances in medicine and technology, Barefoot Science™ has developed a unique Arch Activation Foot Strengthening System™. And it’s easy to use!

Each Barefoot Science Arch Activation System™ comes with a pair of insoles to fit into your existing footwear and a series of progressive arch activation inserts. To start, just pop Level 1 into the underside of the insole, slide them in your shoes and get on with your day! It feels like a mini foot massage, sending waves of comfort throughout your body. That sensation is actually your foot muscles waking up and getting stronger. When the sensation fades, usually within a week, your feet are ready to move up to the next level. It’s that easy! With each step, your feet become stronger and more efficient.

Leading orthopedic doctors recognize in Barefoot Science™ a major scientific advance in much-needed relief for the millions of people suffering from foot, lower limb, and back pain.

Dr. Peter J. Fowler, former President of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine and Head of the Barefoot Science Medical and Scientific Advisory Board explains, “This is a real breakthrough since 85% of all Americans seek medical treatment for foot-related pain. By comparison, only 3% of people in barefoot populations have debilitating foot problems.”

“New research shows that, aside from trauma, our footwear is most often to blame. And even more surprising, conventional insoles and orthotics may actually make things worse. Although they may provide short-term relief, they don’t address the cause of the problem - weak foot muscles. That’s because conventional insoles and orthotics rob your feet of the ground stimulus necessary to activate your foot muscles required for natural healthy foot function. As a result, you lose the natural shock absorption of the foot’s arch and the stress travels up the feet, ankles, knees and lower back . . . and you feel the pain.” But all that is about to change, thanks to Barefoot Science™.

“It’s not a cushioning or passive insert,” says Dr. Fowler, “rather, it utilizes an insole with a series of progressively firmer inserts to stimulate and restore your feet with every step you take.”

“Over several weeks, you move from the extra soft to the firmer inserts as your foot muscles get stronger. And that means a healthier functioning arch for superior natural shock absorption and a coiled spring effect in the foot,” says Dr. Fowler.

Dr. Thomas D. McClain, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery adds, “Barefoot Science™ clearly offers the most effective preventative and rehabilitative treatment option that’s available today.

In my practice, I’ve seen firsthand the effectiveness of Barefoot Science™. Even my most challenging patients, those who’ve used custom orthotics with little or no success, have found dramatic improvements in foot function and pain levels using the Barefoot Science System™".

Dr. Lawrence S. Bell, Fellow of the Chiropractic College of Sports Science (Canada) offers his own personal account, “I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Barefoot Science™. I had a badly crushed foot, but after faithfully wearing the insoles, I now have an arch and my foot is pain-free.”